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Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates Classes

Ready, set, concentrate and meditate!

Pre-registration for class is the best option. Make an appointment with yourself and keep it!

Please remember to check in at the desk when you arrive. As you know, it’s a wonderful buzz of energy in the reception area so we need you to help us keep track. Reserved spots are given away 10 minutes before the scheduled class time. (Still can’t be late! 🙂 )

We have over 30 classes a week with a schedule to match yours whether early or late.

Every class we offer is accessible to beginners. That means that every posture or move is designed to give you a place to heal, no matter your starting point. We recommend that you mix it up a little. Practicing both pilates and yoga will give you insight into your body. Bikram yoga is like a musician practicing scales. You create body memory so that you can make it simple. Mix it up with Bikram Fusion and Inferno Hot Pilates, to build muscle and to vary muscle movement, extending muscle memory. Everything we do in a hot class is intended to make the rest of life go better. It’s like an owner’s manual for your most precious instrument. And you are finally getting around to reading it.

Our idea of arriving on time is 15 minutes before the start of class.

Our studio doors are open 30 minutes before class. We start class on time. Because that’s respect. For your time and for the time of your fellow yogis.

So please arrive 15 minutes before class. You’ll notice the difference in your readiness to start your workout when you have relaxed your shoulders down from your ears. Traffic is stressful. When you arrive on time your heart, lungs and nervous system have a chance to return to an optimal state to get the best out of your precious workout time.

You’ll get your best chance to put your mat where you want and a chance to greet teachers and your friends at the studio.