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Joyce Nobel, Founder

Healing from the inside out. Joyce is committed to the therapeutic journey of the body, mind and soul. It doesn’t matter what you do, it matters how you do it whether you’re on your yoga mat or dancing cheek to cheek. Learn the power of breath. Learn how strong you are (stronger than you think) and learn the connection between strength and compassion. Joyce always teaches for beginners, no matter yoga or pilates. Because we are all beginners and always learning something new.

The injuries and chronic neck and shoulder pain that brought me to Bikram hot yoga 15 years ago are long gone. I keep them gone with a regular practice, for sure, but the thing that reminds me if I go to long without a class is feeling down. My hot yoga practice has been the key to living free from anxiety. Maybe it’s the breathing, maybe it’s the sweat. Maybe it’s the good company that surrounds me for the whole journey, reminding me that I’m not alone, that life isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being kind.

And teaching Inferno Hot Pilates is another rush entirely! Getting the party started and keeping the energy and motivation where we need them to create incredible results is a total blast. I turn on my extroverted side, enjoy the pumping beat and dance, dance, dance.

Greg Passarella, Founder

If laughter is the best medicine you will love Greg’s class. What’s not funny is that Greg has lost 30 pounds doing Bikram hot yoga, and kept it off. Here’s what he says about it: “I began my Bikram hot yoga practice in 2003 at age 39 and in need of some direction and change in my life. My career as a plumbing contractor and years working outdoors in construction were taking a toll on my body and lifestyle. I must admit that I thought it would be easy to try, it was only yoga after all and I had done many hard sports: hockey, football, wrestling and weightlifting, as well as hard physical labour.

Of course I was wrong; Bikram hot yoga was one of the hardest things that I ever did. I was slow to embrace it into my life style; I thought no one could do this more than once a week and I went through many starts and stops, even though I was feeling the benefits of the practice.

About five years ago my doctor was telling me I had to lose weight, my blood pressure was getting high and it was time to get serious about my health or go on meds. I decided to start hot yoga seriously. I began practicing 3 times a week, and started feeling better. Then I bought a one year unlimited and started going as often as possible. Did my first thirty day challenge and felt the best I’d felt in years. Friends were saying that I looked great and I lost 30 pounds in one year. My doctor was amazed. Blood pressure normal and feeling strong, flexible and pain-free.

It was not only the physical aspect of the yoga that hooked me. I started to also discover the mental benefits. My concentration improved, my outlook on life was brighter and more positive.

I have traveled and practiced in studios throughout the Toronto as well as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. My journey to Mexico to study with Tony Sanchez led me to create therapeutic yoga sequences like Bikram Fusion. This is the class where I take the simplicity of the Bikram sequence and add some new ideas for the body and mind, offering a new lift to the journey we take together.

Yoga is the one thing that I do in my life that is just for me, but that benefits everyone I come in contact with.”

Linda Lee


In my own pursuit of trying to be a better person, I realized that it was all about aiming to be happy! Nothing more nothing less. When you’re happy you’re effectively better in every aspect of your life. When I discovered Bikram Hot Yoga almost 6 years ago I learned that this practice was about discipline, commitment, passion, determination; through practicing Bikram yoga I learned that these qualities are like muscle, you can build them by using them. These values that align with how I think a happy life should be lived are present in my practice and in my teaching. Since adding Inferno Hot Pilates to my repertoire of teaching and practicing I’ve learned a lot about muscles. My current goal is to create core strength enough to levitate. I like to dream big! Although I am far from the end of my pursuit I find that every time I teach and every time I practice yoga my happiness grows.



I was reborn the day I started practicing yoga in 2008 in the very same studio where I teach today! That was the turning point in my life which opened my eyes to a whole new world that was always there but I did not have access to it.

The day I started my 90 minute Bikram Hot Yoga practice, deep inside I knew this is would be a lifetime commitment to my body, mind and soul. My passion for the practice has stayed with me through big changes in my life,including 2 pregnancies and deliveries. With my first, I did yoga until the very day of delivery. Yoga in the morning and labour in the afternoon!

It was my passion that took me to teacher training in 2009. That amazing experience changed me again, committing myself to offering compassion to my students as the first gift.

I am very passionate about physical health and I always try to raise my awareness in this field by reading related scientific papers and taking courses to teach a dynamic and energetic class.

As you grab your mat and yoga gear to take a class always remember, ”Yoga is a thinking person’s exercise, it is not mechanical“, bring your full awareness and focus before everything else.

Dave Fair


David teaches the yogic mind/body connection in thought provoking ways. But you don’t have to think about it. Just practice the postures and David’s clear instructions will take you, body and mind to a clean, calm place. Where you want to be! David began his Bikram Yoga Practice in 2009 at the age of 29. He was hesitant when a friend asked him to come to a class. Not only had he never heard of “Bikram“, he had never done yoga. At the time David was a cabinet maker; the heavy lifting, repetitive movements and toxic materials were taking a toll on his body, causing a great deal of back pain and constant physical discomfort. With regular practice, he began to witness the process of healing his own body.

In Spring 2012 David attended Teacher Training. He believes one of the most important aspects of Bikram Yoga (apart from the physical healing) is the mind body connection. It stimulates a dialogue between your mind and body which translates into self realization, which basically translates into a great satisfaction of living life, enjoying life, and being happy with yourself.

The combination of his calming disposition and his expectation of practitioners to try their best and break their preconceived ideas on self limitation, brings to class a perfect balance of motivation and understanding.



After years of playing sports and weight training, Lori decided to try something new, maybe to address the toll that sports were taking on her knees and shoulders. By chance, she ended up at a Bikram Hot Yoga studio in 2012. She got hooked on the challenge of the class almost immediately, and then the healing benefits began. Even better than the physical benefits, Bikram Hot Yoga became a way to stay grounded during times of stress and emotional anxiety. She also successfully used yoga to rehabilitate from two knee surgeries.

Lori completed Teacher Training in Spring 2014 in L.A. Since then Lori has pursued studies in therapeutic yoga, gaining a deep understanding of the therapeutic benefits of each pose. She is a wealth of knowledge and loves to share. Her class is always the right place to get alignment and precision assistance. Her all seeing eye means she can help you exactly where you are at.



Practicing Inferno Hot Pilates creates a major awareness of core strength and I absolutely love the challenging interval training that is designed for all levels. There is so much happening in creating shape and endurance of the body all in just once class. It truly amazes me to watch my students dig deep and get results. I have become so much stronger in my yoga practice since starting my pilates training. Allow me to take you through the Inferno Hot Pilates journey into finding a stronger more amazing you! This is a fun class with upbeat music that will keep your heart pumping!



The very first time I tried hot yoga, I immediately fell in love with the heat and sweat. I stepped out of the class feeling exhilarated and loved the cardiovascular effects of the practice. Not long after, I started to notice a reduction in my episodic migraines and also improvements in my body posture. What I love most is yoga inspires self-discoveries, deep body and mind connections, and discipline. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the healing. I love inspiring other to discover their own body and their own yoga. I hope that every student benefits as much as I have. Please come to my class with your mind open and ready to explore. Be ready for a physical challenge, listen to your body and have fun! My favourite class to teach is Bikram Beats. The musical space gives such an interesting way into the meditation and the serenity of yoga. Not just while you’re practicing, but after. I love my Bikram Fusion class, it’s a great introduction to the Bikram practice for people familiar with a vinyasa practice.



Relieving stress and staying fit are my two main reasons why I practice Bikram Hot Yoga. I love hot yoga particularly because of its intensity, detoxification effect and I love anything hot ( think deep fried ice cream)! Over the years yoga has become part of my personal development plan. As I move through asanas physically, my practice benefits me mentally. Every class gives me mental clarity and so making decisions , small or big, seem effortless. Socially, I get to surround myself with people who shares my passion and commitment to health and wellness , and this community makes all others goals that I set for myself easy to accomplish.

I have been teaching since 2010, and I love it! I become witness to many personal transformation of those who work hard consistently.

My class is very welcoming. During class I encourage everyone to challenge themselves through the 26 postures in a 90 min Bikram Hot Yoga
class. My hope is for everyone to get closer to achieving the goals they set for themselves through their yoga practice. When you take my class, you will discover something new about yourself, be open for it! You will see immediate results in one session, your will feel un-stoppable! So, come and get sweaty!



Bikram Hot Yoga saved my life. It’s that simple. It took me from a very dark and low space to a passionate caring life. I learned how to surrender to the practice and in doing so, I got my life back. Only better. I practice almost every day, so that I can experience over and over again being rejuvenated and reborn.

Bikram Hot Yoga teaches me patience, acceptance and resilience, helps me to focus and calm my mind. I use these qualities in my personal and social life. My experience with Bikram Yoga is that it is extremely powerful and healing, and with a regular practice, it will do wonders for your immune, digestive and lymphatic systems, metabolism, sleep, stress levels, depression etc. It always keeps me fit and healthy and makes my everyday life so much easier.

Learning to teach Bikram yoga has only deepened my practice. My learning really never stops: while traveling I take classes from different teachers always discovering something new, educating myself while participating in seminars and workshops and reading books on yoga and health. Going through challenges while practicing yoga myself, keeps me humble and compassionate. It also reminds me why I love teaching and witnessing the journey people take and the obstacles they overcome. People walk out of the hot room smiling, dripping wet with their effort and perseverance to do their best. It’s a real honour to be a part of it and bringing health into people’s life.