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Inferno Hot Pilates

Strengthen Your Heart

Inferno Hot Pilates is a training system combining High Intensity Interval Training with Pilates principles. The class is performed in a heated room to maximize the results in an incredible short period of time. It creates long lean muscle mass, burns fat and increases cardiovascular health. You will see and feel strengthening of your core muscles after only one class. You’ll get the benefits of increased circulation and increased flexibility. It’s done on a yoga mat and it’s low impact so you can expect us to make sure that your experience is safe and fun.

Here’s why it’s accessible to all fitness levels:

  • We give thorough instructions to do the exercise properly,
  • No impact, safe for the joints,
  • Controlled movements, you work to your edge,
  • We will help you find your core!

All classes are done to music, creating a fun atmosphere. Prepare to sweat! This is a challenging workout that gives back everything you give it and more.

Remember to hydrate. You can totally bring water into the room with you but you might forget to drink, you’re having so much fun.

Dress to sweat, form fitting capris or other yoga gear, fitted tops, you got this!

Fun class, motivating instructors, fast results, this is the workout you’ve been looking for.

Our High Intensity Interval Training uses the Tabata method. We alternate intense cardiovascular exercise with short periods of rest. The high intensity period is done at close to your maximum intensity. The moves instructors choose make it possible to for everyone to find their own edge. High intensity interval training has been shown to be amazing for weight loss and to create dense muscles. It takes strong motivation and that’s why a class based program works best. Your training partners will help you stay with it and stay safe.

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